A Look At RoboCop’s Dallas Shooting Locations,
Shot in 1986 to Current Day 2012.

RoboCop had such an impact on the film industry it spawned two sequels and a remake. Key locations from the film were shot in Dallas doubling as a futuristic Detroit. Here’s a look back at the Dallas area locations used in the film shot in 1986 compared to how they look in 2012.

      FILM: OCP Building                                                        ACTUAL: Dallas City Hall, 1500 Marilla St

FILM: RoboCop destroys ED-209 & goes to arrest Dick Jones


FILM: Detroit City Hall                                                    ACTUAL: Dallas Municipal Bldg, 116 S Harwood St

FILM: RoboCop is called to hostage situation at City Hall. ACTUAL: New Main St. Park across street from Municipal Bldg.


         FILM: Int. Detroit Police Station                                      ACTUAL: Sons of Herman Hall, 3414 Elm St.

FILM: Police come and go. RoboCop is seen for the first time. ACTUAL: Main Concert Hall (Restored after Fire)


        FILM: Woman Attack on Detroit Street                               ACTUAL: Alley – Cesar Chavez Blvd & Elm St

FILM: Two thugs chase & attempt to rape a woman


        FILM:  RoboCop Rescues Woman                                    ACTUAL: Parking Lot – Cesar Chavez & Main 

FILM: RoboCop shoots woman's attacker through her legs as she's held at knife point.

     FILM: Gang Fire Weapons on City Street                           ACTUAL: Deep Ellum, 2500 Elm St

Referred to as 'Nightmare on Elm Street" by crew. Gang members fire high-power weapons on city street.


       FILM: Detroit Police Station                                              ACTUAL: Crozier Tech High School, 3700 Ross

FILM: Police cars come & go in station parking. ACTUAL: Dart train tracks now run in front of closed high school building.


       FILM: OCP Elevator                                                             ACTUAL: Plaza of the Americas

FILM: RoboCop goes to arrest Dick Jones


       FILM:  Nightclub                                                                  ACTUAL:  Zouk, 703 McKinney Ave

FILM: RoboCop apprehends criminal in club. ACTUAL: Formerly the infamous Starck Club, Zouk opened its doors in 2010.


       FILM:  Gas Station Robbery & Explosion                              ACTUAL: Ross & Arts Plaza

FILM: Attempted robbery, escaping criminal blows up station. ACTUAL: Gas Station has been demolished in Arts District.


       FILM:  Detroit City Street                                                    ACTUAL:  San Jacinto & Lamar

FILM: New partners Murphy twirls gun & Lewis gets coffee ACTUAL: DART Station now on street site.


       FILM:  OCP Boardroom                                                        ACTUAL:  Renaissance Tower 40th Fl, 1201 Elm St

FILM: Dick Jones crashes through boardroom window resisting arrest by RoboCop


      FILM: Armoured Car Chase                                                ACTUAL:  Hotel St/Reunion Parking Lots

FILM: Gang attempt get-away with robbery of armored car. Murphy & Lewis give chase. ACTUAL: Grain elevators & Reunion Arena have been torn down and Convention Center expansion added.