Dallas Offers: Industry Support and Services

Diverse Locations – The Dallas Fort Worth region offers a wealth of diverse locations, providing cost
savings and convenience in a concentrated geographical area. Two large cities less than 30 miles apart
offer distinctly different characteristics: Dallas, gleaming knock out skyline, eclectic, hip, diverse.  Always
something going on… sports, live music, arts & culture, whatever your heart desires.  Juxtaposed against
the older “brick and mortar” look of downtown Fort Worth and the steers and boots image of the Stockyards.

Small towns reflect bygone days or contemporary rural American, set against back drops of farmland and gently rolling ranchland. Dozens of suburban cities and communities are easily transformed into “Anywhere, USA.”

Combined with mild weather (and fewer production delays), North Texas has it all!

Large Experienced Crew & Talent Pool – Large, highly skilled crew and talent pools.

High Tech – Award-winning companies in emerging technologies. High definition, animation, effects, sound design: all aspects of post production are at your service.

Equipment/Support Services – Everything you need to make a creative media project is here, including State-of-the-art equipment, labs and soundstages. The best film and video production equipment in the Southwest is available in Dallas Fort Worth. The area has a 35mm film processing lab, sound stages and resources rarely available between the coasts, including Panavision.