As part of our efforts to expand and include Music in our mission to promote and be a resource for the broader Dallas Creative Industries, we’ve been in talks with, and plan to do more with Music Cities Together / Sound Music Cities.  At this time some of our plans have had to be paused due to the coronovirus pandemic, but the fine folks at Music Cities Together want to move forward with assisting in determining what the impact of COVID-19 is to the industry.  We hope you’ll take a few minutes to take this survey so that we can gain a better understanding of your needs.  Additionally, we ask that you please pass this along to others in the music and entertainment industry as well.


Music Cities Together COVID-19 IMPACT SURVEY

The MUSIC CITIES TOGETHER COVID-19 Impact Survey is a free tool based on our experience with developing and executing local music censuses in communities across the US. We built it in response to inquiries from cities looking to gather quantitative data about the impact of the shutdown on their local music communities.

Who is the survey for?

A growing number of US cities are using this survey as their sanctioned research platform to capture data about the shutdown.

Additionally, non-profits and advocacy groups are encouraged to distribute the survey to their networks to capture local data and help flesh out the national picture.

Finally, culture advocates and public officials are welcome to use the survey to inform the design and wording of their own sector-specific work.

What will the survey do?

On one level, the survey is a fast, free resource for policymakers and advocates to gain an understanding of their local situation. That data can be helpful in discussions about public and philanthropic relief funds, policies and other strategies to support local music ecosystems.

On another level, data collected in this process can be aligned with 14,500 respondents who participated in similar surveys over the past few years to create a longitudinal snapshot of the industry before the shutdown, at the moment of crisis and, potentially, later this year or early 2021.

Who gets the data?

While individual responses are of course confidential, the general dataset will be open and available for researchers, policymakers and other interested parties.

This is currently a volunteer-driven effort, although we recognize that funded research projects may result from the successful population of the survey.

Please click HERE to take the survey

For any questions about this survey, please email