Staff Positions

  • Project Type: Executive Director
  • Company: Women In Film Dallas
  • Location: DFW Area
  • Start Date: Deadline For Resume - Friday, December 15th.
  • Send resumes to: president@WIFDallas.org


Position Title: WIFD Executive Director
Compensation: Contract position; $1000-1200 monthly based on experience
Shift: Part Time/flexible hours
Location: Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex
Reports to: WIFD Board of Directors

This section provides a general summary of the most significant job duties performed.

General Responsibilities: Under the Direction of the BOD, oversee the nonprofit organization Women in Film Dallas 501(c)(6) and WIFD Scholastic Grants Fund (501(c)(3) which includes:
• Keep track of filing and maintaining all entity documents & paperwork related to taxes, and all federal, state and local laws, all BOD documents, non-disclosure agreements, bank records etc.
• Perform administrative work as it relates to membership/contact database and accounting for a non-profit.

Act as Webmaster:
• Ensure all pages and links are up to date/working
• Respond to email inquiries sent to the webmaster and/or forward to appropriate BOD
• Create events, and ensure all information is uploaded regarding events including registration, confirmation and reminders

Manage Communications and Social Media:
• Create WIFD events on Facebook
• Post about WIFD events and information of potential interest or benefit to our members on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
• Upload YouTube and Vimeo videos as requested by BOD
• Listserv Administrator: review & approve/reject (per board policy) emails sent via listserv.
• Manage forwarding and multiple recipient emails as well as the spam filter
• Prepare event registration and active member lists monthly
• Upload/Create graphics for events, emails, and Facebook cover photos
• Draft or edit communications including email regarding WIFD events or other member beneficial information
• Draft or Edit and distribute Press Releases as requested
• Provide support for any other communications needs that arise
• Provide a report to the board in time for monthly BOD meetings
• Other requested tasks from board members as they arise.
• Oversee monthly WIFD events as needed, to help facilitate setup, check in and event registration

• Assist in the research and preparation of grant applications.
• Assist in the preparation and dissemination of materials for sponsorship packets related to
WIFD programs
• Assist with annual raffle
• Provide administrative support for North Texas Giving Day and other fundraising

Financial Record and Book Keeping Duties:
• Support WIFD Treasurer and BOD in all financial transactions and reporting including the
• Facilitate Deposits and payments as required
• Record and manage financial transactions in QuickBooks Online (which includes proper
verification that expenses are coded correctly)
• PayPal report monthly statement and transaction report
• Intuit – report monthly statement and transaction report
• Reconcile Bank Statements (BB&T) and PayPal- Class reporting is required
• Prepare a monthly Treasurer report and send to board before each monthly BOD
meeting. Include Actual to Budget for each committee.
• File annual 990 Post Card for Taxes (due May 15)
• Quarterly file a zero payroll tax report with the state
• Pay bills as needed (approximately 5 per month)
• Issue reimbursement checks for board member expenses (per BOD policy)

To perform these duties requires knowledge of the Wild Apricot website structure, social media, Yahoo
listserv operations, good communication and writing skills, and an ability to prioritize and meet
deadlines, simple banking skills and basic accounting skills. Helpful skills include basic graphic design
and marketing along with an understanding of the organization, its members, and the industry.

The ideal candidate must possess the following knowledge, skills and abilities and be able to explain
and demonstrate that he or she can perform the essential functions using some combination of skills
and abilities.
• Communications and social media savvy. Working knowledge of Wild Apricot (website
platform) Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. (or quick aptitude and willingness to learn)
(Training to be provided for Wild Apricot)
• Responsible; self-directed; pro-active; excellent follow-through.
• Ability to communicate persuasively and effectively in written communications
• Excellent listening skills and patience related to working with an otherwise all volunteer nonprofit
• Working knowledge of Quickbooks
• Must have high-level initiative and ability to work independently to handle responsibilities that
are often unsupervised.
• Ability to work creatively in a challenging environment where constructive
suggestions/directions are encouraged.
• Superlative interpersonal skills: High degree of tact and ability to cultivate respectful, strategic
and collaborative relationships with people from diverse backgrounds both internally and
• Must hold yourself and others accountable for a high level of performance and integrity
Must be available to attend WIFD events as needed

If interested and you meet the requirements, please email your resume and cover letter
describing why you would make an excellent Executive Director of WIFD, to
president@WIFDallas.org. Submissions requested by: December 15, 2017