• Project Type: Television - Special
  • Company: VIVE Network LLC
  • Location: Dallas, TX
  • Start Date: TBD
  • Shooting Schedule: TBD
  • Send resumes to:

If you love sports, have a passion for creating original programming, relish responsibility, multitask with ease, possess a professional demeanor, find facing new challenges fun, and are looking for a one-of-a-kind opportunity, we may have the role for you!

VIVE Network is canvassing for a dynamic individual that can literally help build an international linear channel with original entertainment from scratch. The content mix will include commentary-style ‘talking’ head shows, docu-style historical features (evergreen content), segmented news program, upcoming event promos, and more. This position is monumentally important to the growth and success of not only the channel, but the network and the sports promoters it represents, as well. The candidate will have her/his work cut out and will certainly not confront downtime nor lack of variety of projects.

Job Functions:
Some essential duties and responsibilities shall include, but are not limited to:

Develop engaging creative treatments based on criteria provided by management and external partners that align with the current global brand strategy and objectives.

Write, edit and research show elements, including intros and outros. Prepare interview segments and proofread scripts

Prepare detailed rundowns for the production team and coordinate efforts to execute compelling broadcasts.

Direct as needed, which may include live interviews remotely and on set or at live events, live newscast delivery, or motion graphics. May be responsible for multiple projects at a time, so should be capable of managing and producing a breadth of projects as required.

Manage and provide direction to a modest crew during shoots, and demonstrate a high level of multitasking and troubleshooting. Must be a confident decision-maker and independent problem-solver, creating and approving solutions during intense and sometimes chaotic live creation of projects.

Collaborate with internal and external confreres to ensure the project meets objectives and budget requirements.

Review with senior-level management and approvers and project owners’ direction of each project prior to completion, ensuring expectations are clearly defined and understood prior to final execution.

Ensure casting, performance, interpretation of copy, props, camera angles, lighting, makeup, hairstyles, resolution, etc. all deliver against the desired production outcome.

Set up on-air interviews, conduct air checks with guests, seek out show prep,

Edit projects as needed, using Adobe software, including color correction, audio mixing, and mastering digital assets.

Coordinate with creative department to develop effective promotions for upcoming shows, newscasts, and events.

Create, enhance, and/or animate motion graphics and creates and designs storyboards for animation sequences such as logo and type treatments, video effects, and graphic treatments to produce videos and digital projects of high quality in the most cost-efficient manner. Utilizes thorough knowledge of motion graphics for video for videos in production. Continuously evaluate and utilize various approaches, technology, and methods of production.

Creating production schedules in order to meet deadlines.

Ensure final files are delivered in appropriate file formats and all copyrights, rights/usage/release clearances, and client approvals are documented.

Eligibility Requirements & Desired Qualifications:
Must have solid producer experience and/or B.A. in journalism or radio & television.

Must be fluent in English and decently proficient in conversational Spanish.

Must be willing to engage as an independent contractor [(by agreement) with potential for permanent employment] and provide own personal computer or tablet and mobile telephone.

Must be able to work flexible hours, including weekends and nights, and commute to HQ in NW Plano, TX.

Must have excellent oral, written, and interpersonal skills to interface with team members, executives, external project collaborators, and guests.

Must be detail-oriented, organized, and able to perform under pressure.

Must have demonstrated ability to solve problems, prioritize decisions, and successfully manage multiple assignments concurrently.

Undergraduate students welcome to submit their resumé.

About VIVE Network
Pioneer of the UHD HDR TV Revolution. Specialist in creating, distributing, and monetizing live, linear entertainment.

Since early 2013 in London, long before ‘UHD’ and ‘4K’ had become ubiquitous terms in the realm of television, VIVE Network has had its visionary sights set on establishing the ‘ultimate’ UHD ‘Entertainment Everywhere’ destination and shaking up the TV industry as we know it. Today UHD/4K devices are prolific, yet the caliber of content which they are meant to showcase is scarce (and what does exist is fragmented, mostly pay-walled, and predominately feature films and serial dramas).

VIVE aims to fill the UHD entertainment void by democratizing the production, distribution, and monetization of live UHD+HDR content, such as niche sports with massive fan bases, thereby addressing the demand of multimillions of UHD viewers worldwide. VIVE has developed a workflow that eliminates the need for satellite trucks, therefore allowing for a small footprint at venues and backhauling to a central studio that packages and prepares streams for distribution in real-time to all devices globally.

Deadline for resumes – June 30th, 2021
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