• Project Type: Commercial
  • Company: Premium Food Gifts
  • Location: Dallas, TX
  • Start Date: Monday, May 31, 2021
  • Shooting Schedule: 1 day
  • Send resumes to:

Liz Lewis Casting Partners are looking for real couples and young families (with one to two children), who live in the Seattle, WA or Dallas, TX area, who love gourmet foods, flowers and baskets, and utilize premium online gifts companies to send presents to friends and family.

Shoot would be one day the week of May 31, and would be a completely remote shoot, with couples and families filming themselves in their homes. Production would call in remotely to direct.

Compensation is 450 for appearance of each family member and usage rights for 1 year digital, OTT, and archival in perp. Possible additional TVC option for an additional $450.

Premium Food Gifts Self Tapes Instructions

Please note this is a self-tape audition. Not in person. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE YOUR HOME OR PAY TO DO THIS AUDITION. (If that is not an option for you, please email casting at

Please upload your video to this link by Wednesday 5/26: *Please make sure to include your full name in the file name*

Please fill out this form by Wednesday 5/26:

*If you have issues with the link and it needs to be emailed to us, make sure it is a downloadable file (attachment, Hightail, WeTransfer, etc), not a YouTube link.

Self Tape Tips!

Please do whatever is easiest for you. We want to see your talent, not your producing skills! But below are some points to be aware of.

If possible, please make sure there is a light source in front of you, not behind you. Natural light is best, but otherwise a lamp or other lighting you have in your space will work.

If you are recording on your phone, please hold it horizontal instead of vertical so the display is widescreen.
Please try to do one take of the full script.

File type should be MP4, MOV, WMV, or AVI
Please label the file with the talent’s name and role.
You may send as 1 file or multiple files. Whatever is easier. If you send multiple files, please make sure to label clearly.

Tape should be about 2 minutes long (but don’t overthink it!).

Please tape as a group (whether a couple or a family)

Framing – When you are speaking, please frame it so it is shoulders to the top of your head. Afterwards (if possible) please also step back so we can see your full body. Turn profile and profile the other way.

Age (if under 18)
Where are you located?
Are you a mother, father, grandma or grandparent? Tell us about your family.

If you are submitting with a spouse, tell us your relationship.

Tell us about how you are as a gift giver?

What’s your favorite thing to give or receive?

Pretend to open a gift and show us your reaction. Imagine it’s a box full of gourmet treats.

Tell us who you would like to send a gourmet food gift to, what type of gift you’d like to send them, and why?