EarthxFilm – College Internship


College Internship Program Overview

EarthxFilm is part of EarthX, the World’s Largest Environmental Experience (Conference, Expo, XR/VR/AR, Film Festival and more.) We partner with organizations from around the Globe to bring awareness and impact to environmental issues.
At EarthxFilm, our internships are designed to give students the opportunity to learn various aspects of producing a film festival, specifically with a very strong social good component and year-round programming. Beside getting a behind the scenes look at the film festival world, film students may have opportunities to plan, shoot, edit and participate in aspects of filmmaking on a limited basis. Interns are considered an integral part of our team and expected to act and communicate in a professional manner. In addition, interns are expected to have a positive attitude, be willing to learn new skills, take ownership of projects and provide office support as needed and assigned. The nature of responsibility of assignments will increase relative to the performance of each intern.

While interns are expected to adhere to a schedule, that schedule is flexible and adjustable, when necessary. College Students must work a minimum of 10 and preferably 15 hours per week. They must be enrolled in a college program and receive college credit. EarthxFilm office hours are between 9 AM and 6 pm M-F. We occasionally have events on a weekday evening and have had our interns help with event registration or greeting guests at these events.
Starting March 2020 until further notice, in recognition of the COVID19 Pandemic, internships will be offered virtually until it is determined to be appropriate to work on location at the permanent office of EarthX, 4311 Oaklawn Avenue, Suite 325. Interns will not be required to come into the office unless at such time the office reopens to all personnel and the intern feels safe in doing so.


EARTHxFilm offers interns a variety of opportunity for involvement in Community Outreach, Development, Film programming, XR and Education. In addition to fully curated annual Environmental film festival, we had the world’s largest XR/AR/VR activation in 2019. EarthxFilm partners with organizations and filmmakers to bring year-round programs and events to the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, locations around the country and internationally. We continue to plan virtual and in person events year-round and for Earthx2021.
EarthxFilm Youth continues to expand programming such as Planet911 youth film competitions, EarthxFilm Youth reports, Filmmaker on Tour and other educational activations. These and other programs support the EXF EDU mission to give students the tools to understand, shape and drive a sustainable future. We continue our commitment to bring awareness and impact action on behalf of our planet.

In addition to learning about producing a festival with the world’s largest environmental XR/VR/AR offerings along with the traditional film festival, interns may have the opportunity to support and lead youth related programs as well. Depending on areas of interest, opportunities include Education, Youth, XR/AR/VR, General event planning, Social media support, Best of Fests, Movie Mondays, Youth Film Competition, Filmmaker on Tour, EarthxFilm Youth Reports and more.

Our goal is to provide a meaningful experience that helps students get a feel for our industry and helps them prepare to be ready to work in any professional environment. Students have the potential to develop new skills, contacts, references and mentors, and will earn school credit for the time worked. Several interns have gone on to be hired by EarthX or EarthxFilm.