Casting Principals for NEVER GOIN BACK

  • Project Type: Feature Film - Independent (Paid)
  • Company: Hungry Bear Productions
  • Location: Dallas area
  • Shooting Schedule: September 18 - October 5, 2014 16 days; 6 days/week
  • Send resumes to:


SYNOPSIS – 16 year old BFF’s Jessie and Angela are high school dropouts who just lost their jobs at the local pancake house. In an attempt to get rent money and avoid eviction, they embark on a day of adventure that includes dudes, drugs, booze and an ill advised heist. Just another day in the life of your average 16 year old girl.

Director – Augustine Frizzell

Production – Hungry Bear Productions

Casting Directors – Tisha Blood + Matthew Taylor – Buffalo Casting

Interview Date – Saturday July 26, 2014

Callback Date – Saturday August 2, 2014

Shoot Start Date – September 18- October 5, 2014. 16 day shoot, 6 day weeks. Talent will not work all days, however the leads need to have a pretty clear schedule during this time frame.

Rate – Leads – $100 + 15% agency fee (if applicable), per day.

Status – Non-Union Feature Film

Location – Dallas Area Locations. All talent for local hire.

The actors will be paid a stipend and be given food and credit. The Filmmakers are hoping for a festival premiere/tour and are planning to submit to Sundance & SXSW.

Ideally, all actors will be 18 or over but look/play younger, be legal 18 or be home schooled due to the shooting schedule.

CONTENT – Adult content/situations. No Nudity. Implied Drug Use. Implied Sexual Situations. Strong language. The two leads are 16 year old girls who get into a decent amount of trouble. They do drugs and smoke and there’s a make out scene that implies sex. Note on the content from the director – At the moment, the script contains only boy/girl kissing but I’m in the middle of rewrites and girl/girl kissing may be reintroduced if it’s appropriate. (it was in an earlier draft.)  In all my projects, it’s my goal to include as many demographics as possible regarding race/sex/background and sexual orientation. I feel that these areas are vastly underrepresented in film and I hope, when my story allows, to include them.   If included, it would be in a way that’s honest and emotionally relevant to the characters and story, never gratuitous.

OVERALL – We are not looking for squeaky clean actors – looking for real looking kids that could be from Garland Texas. Acting experience is not required.

JESSE – Lead role
16 yrs old – Caucasian female.
Rough around the edges, maybe even a little grungy. Level headed, balances out the flightiness of her best friend Angela but is still a smart ass. Wants to be responsible but has a hard time making the best decisions. Loves smoking pot, video games and guys.

ANGELA – Lead role
16 yrs old – Caucasian female.
Natural and unglamorous but enjoys looking cute and wearing a little makeup. A big thinker and dreamer with ideas that aren’t always well thought out. Charismatic and very enthusiastic. Loves guys, drugs and being the center of attention.

DUSTIN – Lead role
18-21 yrs old – Caucasian male.
Ex-athlete. Tall, handsome, clean and charismatic. A trouble maker with kind heart, he’s not the brightest guy around but he’s sweet. Jesse’s older brother. Tries to be a thug but he’s not fooling anyone.

RYAN – Lead role
18-21 yrs old – Any ethnicity.
Dustin’s best friend. A little preppy, comes from money but has strict parents whom he rebels against by hanging with wannabe thugs and dealing drugs. A little bratty but also wants to fit in.

BRANDON – Lead role
18-30 yrs old – Caucasian or Hispanic Male.
Overweight, sloppy and unkept. He’s funny and lewd. A Jonah Hill type. Comedic/Character.

To be considered – You must be available for both the audition and callbacks dates. Please email to with the subject of the role you wish to interview for. Include a picture, resume if you have one, and which role you would like to audition for.

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posted 7-23-14