• Project Type: Short Film
  • Company: Tamarind Co
  • Location: Dallas
  • Start Date: 8-13-21
  • Shooting Schedule: 3 days
  • Send resumes to:
DFW-based independent short film. Casting paid principal and supporting roles and unpaid featured and background roles.
Email Address for Submissions:
Email Submission Notes: Please send recent headshots, resumes, and a reel/sample work.
You may also send a taped monologue of your choice. Email Subject Line: ‘Blue Porcelain’ AuditionLOGLINE:
Victoria discovers her family’s magical, cathartic process of coping with death, all through her mother’s sacred china.

MARTINE (Supporting)
40-50, Female, Black
(New Orleans accent encouraged)
Martine has the heart and soul of a woman born in New Orleans, Louisiana. Martine is an appreciative, loving, and caring woman that enjoys pottery making. She is a supportive mother that only wants the best for her daughter. Although Martine mostly tries to uplift Victoria, she often falls into the old-school and problematic thinking of her foremothers. Despite these differences, Martine changes these old ways and becomes a better mother in the process.

KELVIN (Supporting)
40-55, Male, Black
(New Orleans or Southern accent encouraged)
Kelvin is a calm and supportive father. His presence is always gentle and full of love. Also, New Orleans born and raised, Kelvin enjoys cooking and frequently helps Martine craft her gumbo. He understands the importance of learning about and appreciating your ancestors and he guides Victoria into thinking the same.

GRANDMA (Featured)
60-65, Female, Black
An appearance of Victoria’s grandmother during a dining scene with other family members. Minimal dialogue.

60-80, Female, Black
An appearance of Victoria’s great-grandmother during a dining scene with other family members. Minimal dialogue.

12-14, Female, Any Ethnicity
A close friend to Young Victoria. Both girls enjoy spending time outside and skateboarding around their neighborhood. Ability to ride a skateboard is a plus!