Datalus Pictures to Showcase Upcoming Documentary Films


What:  Datalus Pictures and DataDocs will screen seven documentaries and one narrative feature over four scheduled blocks during an eight-hour showcase fundraising event. These include some controversial and provocative documentary films such as The Great Hanging, Hustler of Providence, and Don’t Frack with Denton.

When:  12 p.m. doors open, 7 p.m. final screening September 2nd (Saturday).

Where:  The State Theater, 200 E. California St., Gainesville, Texas.

Cost:  Tickets to one of four blocks of films will start at $10 per person, while all day passes are $30 per person. VIP passes are available at $40 per person, these passes grant attendees access to the Green Room events at the Backstage Café.


(The Great Hanging)

DALLAS (Datalus Pictures), Texas ¾ Documentary films have the power to uncover our forgotten histories and raise awareness about the stories shaping our world today. This is the foundation that Datalus Pictures has developed for their documentary division known as DataDocs. On Saturday September 2, 2017 audiences will have an opportunity to celebrate these filmmakers as Datalus Pictures and DataDocs screen seven culturally significant documentary films featuring both local and international stories.

(Hustler of Providence)

Among these is The Great Hanging, a tragic and controversial Civil War story presenting the hard truths surrounding the largest mass execution in U.S. history, and the nation’s worst act of mob violence. Another incredible true-life story, Hustler of Providence, chronicles the horrific life events of former drug addict and male prostitute Richard Holcomb, and how he escaped this life to become a beacon of hope for others. Also, making its debut screening is Don’t Frack with Denton, a documentary film covering the extraordinary events surrounding Denton, Texas and the historic movement to ban hydraulic fracturing from the city limits. It’s an inspiring local story with a surprising ending that will resonate with local audiences affected by this issue.

(Don’t Frack with Denton)

These are just three of eight total films that will screen during the showcase fundraising event. Other films slated to screen include stories about music and small town circus’ as well as scenes from countries like Cuba and Mongolia. To close the night, Datalus Pictures will screen the feature film Technically Crazy, which is a story of a young man struggling with bi-polar disorder who finds a family and a home with a retired police officer who’s got nothing left to live for.

(Technically Crazy)

“We’re really excited to share these incredible stories with the world,” Johnathan Paul, co-founder of Datalus Pictures and director of The Great Hanging said. “Some of these stories are absolutely gut-wrenching, but they are stories that need to be told.”

Paul co-founded Datalus Pictures with three other University of North Texas Alumni, all in the hopes of creating content that both entertains and informs audiences everywhere. While many of their first films are documentaries, Paul says they have big plans on the non-documentary side of things.

(Project Freeplay)

“Documentaries are our passion,” Paul said. “but we love fictional narratives as well and we’re currently developing some original IP’s. In fact, The Great Hanging, a story we all feel needs to be told on a larger scale, is currently in development as a television series.”

(Mongolian Chronicles)


Doors will open for the Datalus Showcase Event at 12 p.m. Saturday Sept. 2nd at the State Theater, 200 E. California St., Gainesville, Texas.

Tickets start at $10 per person for one block of films, and they can be purchased at The State Theater on the day of the event, or purchased online through Eventbrite.

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