A Bunch of Short Guys presents
David Weir-McCall: “Real-time Transformation in the AEC”

Please join us this Saturday, September 26th, 2020 from 1pm to 2pm CST for our free online meeting with David Weir-McCall of Epic Games as he goes over Real-time Transformation in the AEC.

From a background of Architecture and Technology, David currently works with the Epic Games Enterprise team in the AEC, spearheading the companies initiatives in technological innovation with the Unreal-Engine and our AEC partners. Having extensive experience with Architectural Engineering firms and Architectural Design consultants over the last decade, David’s primary focus in the AEC was the adoption of new design tools into Architectural workflows and supporting the development of Digital Technologies within the AEC. With his extensive use with Unreal Engine and its use within the AEC, David looks to continue to support the use of the engine in the AEC and push the boundaries on how these tools can enhance design and bring the clients and end users into the design process.


Autodesk University Article


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