Dallas Film Commission Event Calendar – Rules and Guidelines

The DFC Event Calendar is designed to promote and educate the public about the Creative Media Industries and related events in the Dallas region.

To be considered for inclusion:

  1. Events/meetings/screenings must be held in the DFW region or have a significant impact to the region (such as major/notable industry events i.e. the Sundance Film Festival, Academy Awards, Emmy Awards, etc…).
  2. Film Festivals must either be a non-profit or be backed by a non-profit organization.
  3. Screening announcements must be for locally produced films, local film festivals or established industry organizations.
  4. Workshops & seminars must be produced &/or sponsored by established industry organizations &/or businesses with established notable expertise in the subject matter.
  5. Events with payment being directed to any individual, will not be included.

APPROVAL Prior to information appearing on-line, there will be a short delay for verification. Be aware that you may be contacted to confirm the information. The DFC retains the right to reject or edit listings at any time at DFC’s discretion and assumes no responsibility for any fraud perpetrated by any individual, business or organization. Please use this calendar as a reference tool, not as an endorsement by the Dallas Film Commission.