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DFW’s Camina Entertainment is proud to announce the release of the critically acclaimed documentary, UPSTAIRS INFERNO on DVD and Blu-ray!   The film screened several times in the Metroplex to sold out or nearly sold out crowds.  Since its World Premiere in 2015, UPSTAIRS INFERNO went on to screen at 40 film festivals across the U.S. and around the world (including Greece, Ireland, Canada and Australia).    It won 20 awards, including 11 Jury Awards and 4 Audience Awards.  In addition, UPSTAIRS INFERNO received a prestigious invitation to screen at the Library of Congress in February 2017.


(Camina Entertainment would like to thank 4:4:4 Camera, Dallas Audio Post, Color Cafe, Replicopy and Barak Epstein’s Aviation Cinema for production/post-production assistance.  We were thrilled to partner with companies in our local film community.)

UPSTAIRS INFERNO has been in the spotlight on KERA Art and Seek, CNN and in the New York Times. The San Francisco Chronicle called it a “Best Bet”, going on to say it “echoes of Spike Lee’s [Oscar Nominated] civil rights film, ‘4 Little Girls'”.

From director, Robert L. Camina and Executive Producers behind “Back on Board: Greg Louganis”, “Raid of the Rainbow Lounge” and “A Very Sordid Wedding”, comes UPSTAIRS INFERNO, the true-life-story chronicling the deadly 1973 New Orleans gay bar arson: an event that remained the Largest Gay Mass Murder in U.S. History for 43 years.

On June 24, 1973, an arsonist set fire to the Up Stairs Lounge, a gay bar located on the edge of the French Quarter in New Orleans, Louisiana.  The fire ultimately killed 32 people and severely injured countless others. It permanently altered lives and was the root of many lifelong struggles.

With unique access (exclusive on-camera interviews from survivors, witnesses and friends/families of victims) and a fresh perspective (incorporating long lost artifacts, newsreel footage and photographs that haven’t been seen in decades), UPSTAIRS INFERNO vividly examines this oft-forgotten story and is considered the most comprehensive and authoritative film about the tragedy and its aftermath.

Narrated by New Orleans’ own New York Times best-selling author Christopher Rice, UPSTAIRS INFERNO is a mesmerizing mix of crime drama and human connections that captures the heartbreaking feelings of unconditional love and overwhelming loss.  An unsettling snapshot of what was, until the early hours of June 12, 2016, the deadliest single event to affect the gay community in American history, UPSTAIRS INFERNO gets inside the hearts and minds of a handful of vibrant people who experienced one of the most important and underreported moments in LGBT History.

Both formats are packed with Bonus Features including: “Behind-the-Scenes: The Making of UPSTAIRS INFERNO“, a “Present Day Tour of the ‘Up Stairs Lounge‘” and more!

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“While UPSTAIRS INFERNO recounts a historic event, its underlying message crosses cultural boundaries”, emphasizes Director Robert L. Camina. “It’s easier for people to hate and fear things they don’t understand. No matter your background, in the end, we are more alike than we are different.  I think UPSTAIRS INFERNO reminds of us that.”

Camina adds,  “We made the film hoping audiences would walk away from it with a renewed call for compassion: Compassion for those unlike us. Compassion for those who are hurting. Compassion for those in need.  Because there definitely wasn’t a lot of compassion when the deadly arson occurred.”

“Sadly, a lot has happened in the world since the film was released and we started spreading the message of compassion and the impact of hate”, Camina continues.   “It sickens me that mass murders have become so common.   I think UPSTAIR INFERNO‘s message is as timely as ever: the power of family, friends and forgiveness in the shadow of immense pain.”

With the release of the documentary, Camina Entertainment plans to emphasize those themes, as well as the overall preservation of LGBTQ history.   Hopefully, by the Up Stairs Lounge Arson survivors sharing their stories, it can provide strength to others in need.

Some of the images in UPSTAIRS INFERNO are graphic in nature and may be disturbing to some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.


ROBERT L. CAMINA (director) wrote, directed and produced several short films before premiering his first full length documentary, RAID OF THE RAINBOW LOUNGE (2012) to sold out audiences, rave reviews and a media frenzy.  RAID OF THE RAINBOW LOUNGE recounts the widely publicized and controversial June 28, 2009 police raid of a Fort Worth, Texas gay bar that resulted in multiple arrests and serious injuries. The raid occurred on the 40th Anniversary of the Stonewall Inn raid.  The film, narrated by TV icon Meredith Baxter, screened during 33 mainstream and LGBT film festivals across the United States, Mexico and Canada. The film won several awards including 5 “Best” Film and 3 “Audience Choice” Awards.  The film also received attention from the Office of the White House, Department of Justice and a division of the U.S. State Department.  At their invitation, the Library of Congress hosted a screening in October 2014. (


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