Dallas Creative Industries Office Embarks on Dallas Music Industry Review

Review and survey will collect data on city’s music industry
to better address challenges, opportunities


Dallas – (August 5, 2020) – The Dallas Creative Industries Office, a division of VisitDallas, launches today the first ever Dallas Music Industry Review, in collaboration with Sound Music Cities and Music Cities Together. The study is the first of its kind for the city. It will capture the Dallas music industry and economy and will assist in making more informed, data-driven decisions to grow the music ecosystem.

A critical phase of the Dallas Music Industry Review, a comprehensive online survey to identify the social determinants of a healthy Dallas music scene, is live today. The Dallas Creative Industries Office encourages all Dallas-area residents who work in the music industry to participate. Sound Music Cities and Music Cities Together have already begun the process of conducting introductory interviews with members of all sectors of the music ecosystem.

“We are thrilled to be launching the first ever study of the Dallas music industry to help move the music economy forward. It has been a tough few months, but we think this review is a great first step towards promoting and assisting our local music industry who have been hard hit due to the pandemic,” said Craig T. Davis, VisitDallas’ President and CEO.

The study will be implemented by Austin-based Sound Music Cities, working with the newly formed Music Cities Together along with other local partners. It will quantify the music industry as well as reveal challenges and opportunities within the Dallas music ecosystem, with the end goal of creating a data-backed community-developed action plan.

“Local music scenes are increasingly understood as important drivers of creative economies, civic well-being and the social fabric that creates place. They are complicated ecosystems that appear different to different individuals. To learn about them, we need data,” said Bobby Garza, Music Cities Together Chief Technical Advisor.

“We believe music people are the most appropriate and effective leaders of their own industry, deserving of support and recognition by civic partners. This music industry research project should be a call-to-action for them to speak up and become more engaged,” said Janis Burklund, Director of the Dallas Creative Industries Office.

The Dallas Music Review is the first initiative by the new Dallas Creative Industries Office, which recently became a part of VisitDallas and serves as the city’s official film commission, music office and creative industries resource.

To take the Dallas Music Survey, click HERE


About Dallas Creative Industries Office

The Dallas Creative Industries Office, a division of VisitDallas, serves as the city’s official film commission, music office and creative industries resource. The office is responsible for marketing and promoting Dallas as a hub for content creators and the creative industries, including film, music, photography, gaming and more. The Dallas Creative Industries Office is in the process of transitioning from the Dallas Film Commission, a longtime member of the Association of Film Commissioners International and the Texas Association of Film Commissions. www.dallascreates.org


About Sound Music Cities

Sound Music Cities works in support of the Music Cities Together initiative and was founded on the premise that in-depth experience is essential when considering outside expertise in moving your music ecosystem forward.  We consider ourselves coaches and co-strategists with our partners as much as researchers, investing fully in problem-solving the unique landscape of each city, rather than consulting with fill-in-the-blank frameworks and cheery platitudes. www.soundmusiccities.com


About Music Cities Together

Music Cities Together (MCT) is a joint initiative between Music Policy Forum and Sound Music Cities that will act as a democratized clearinghouse of best practices and new ideas for thought leaders in their respective communities specifically focused on music policy.  We are a team of experienced professionals with diverse backgrounds that have found success in the successful creation, passage, and implementation of music policy throughout North America. www.musiccitiestogether.org


Janis Burklund
Director, Dallas Creative Industries Office