To All Interested Parties,

For your information… We wanted to make you aware that the City of Dallas, Quality of Life, Arts & Culture Committee was briefed on Monday, April 9 about the City’s permitting process for film & special events. You can review the BRIEFING POWERPOINT and the COMMITTEE MEETING VIDEO (OSE briefing starts at 3:42).  You’ll note that most of this briefing was directed at the event side.  We’re suggesting you help to ensure that the film community is heard on this subject.

Send us your comments, questions, and/or suggestions.  This can include specific incidences as examples of how the current process either helped or hindered your ability to film in the City of Dallas.  Feel free to include specific rules, procedures and/or processes that are of concern &/or appreciated and your ideas of what you’d like to see changed or retained.  We’ll compile this information and share it during the process.

If you take the time to watch the briefing you’ll note the councilmember’s comments are primarily about finding balance for the community while making the process easier and not as costly for the events.  Please remember that they aren’t likely as familiar with the filming side of this, they are much more aware of the issues surrounding the large events, marathons, parades, etc…

Feel free to share this information with any of your colleagues or clients that you think might want to participate in this process.

Please reference PERMITTING REVIEW when submitting your comments by email HERE