AFF is currently looking for readers to read for our competition. If interested, here is the information about how to get involved in reading for the Austin Film Festival Script Competitions.

Reading for AFF is a big commitment and we are looking for the best volunteer readers to help maintain the quality level of work that advances in our competition. A couple of eligibility requirements:

* If you entered a script in the 2021 Competition, you ARE NOT eligible to read for the competition(s) in which you entered.
* It is preferred that you have experience writing and/or reading screenplays and are well versed in script format and story structure. In other words, if you’re completely new to screenwriting, please do not proceed to complete the application and test.

If you meet those requirements, you will need to follow these steps in order to be considered as a Reader:

1. Click here to complete the Reader Application Form. You will also need to upload a resume detailing any relevant writing/film experience you may have.

2. Read through the attached Guidelines Packet carefully-this document details the full requirements and expectations if you are selected to read for the competition. It is very important you read EVERYTHING in the packet before reviewing the test scripts to understand how you should prepare your notes.

3. Click here to download the Test Scripts. Read and evaluate two of the scripts, at least one of the features, and one of the other scripts. If you are only eligible to read for one category, you can read just the script in that category (ex: if you are only eligible to read teleplays, review the teleplay script for the test). Important Note: These scripts are not to be
4. Click here to submit your notes for each test script.

5. Email to let us know you have competed the application and test forms. Please feel free to also attach a script coverage sample or any other writing sample that showcases your ability to analyze a story.

Once everything has been submitted, we will review your materials and will let you know whether or not you have been selected to be a Reader.