Staff Positions

  • Project Type: Studio & Equipment Manager
  • Company: Abernethy Media Professionals
  • Location: Dallas, TX
  • Send resumes to: jobs@amediapro.com



Accepting resumes at jobs@amediapro.com only. Please do not call in regards to this position.

Studio and Equipment Manager

We are a boutique creative agency focusing on production and learning innovation.

We work on projects as diverse as a broadcast campaign for a national retailer to an educational VR experience for a global marketing firm. We might have a live stream going on at tech industry headquarters while 200 folks are going through a three-day onboarding experience that we designed. So, we solve a lot of creative problems for a lot of different clients. We have a background in production and embrace the titles of that industry as part of our heritage.

The AMP Equipment Manager is responsible for the smooth and efficient flow and coordination of production equipment and studio facilities.  A vital aspect of the role is effective communication between AMP producers/production coordinators, DPs/other production crew members, and often the client themselves.  It’s essential that the Studio and Equipment Manager (SEM) be able to function as a positive representative of AMP in interactions with clients, vendors, freelancers, and other members of the production community.

Because of the creative, problem-solving nature of the job and AMP as a culture, no list of responsibilities can be exhaustive. This job calls for a lot of flexibility! Also, we have high expectations. When the SEM meets expectations, they are doing an excellent job.

In general, they are expected to:

  • Manage, maintain, and facilitate repairs on all AMP production equipment, electronics, and vehicles.
  • Manage, maintain, and facilitate repairs on all AMP studios and production facilities.
  • Manage, reserve, and rent equipment and expendables.
  • Collaborate closely with internal clients and stakeholders to help facilitate the production of multimedia content.
  • Function as a knowledge expert, consultant, and liaison between producers/production coordinators, crew, and clients.
  • Work independently, as well as part of a team to manage, organize, and schedule AMP creative productions.
  • Assist in sourcing make transportation arrangements for crew, talent, and equipment as they relate to AMP production vehicles and gear
  • Maintain an ongoing inventory of all AMP equipment and assets. Utilize AMP inventory software for


Getting the right gear to the right people at the right time is the fundamental function of this position.  Producers, crews, and clients are dependent on the SEM’s performance.  Duties require not only gathering equipment and hardware to check in and out of AMP’s inventory but also clear communication in the preproduction process to ensure the appropriate gear is available, complete and operational. This extends to AMPs production vehicles making sure that expendables are stocked, equipment loaded, and vehicles are gassed up for each shoot.


Maintenance and repair of equipment, including but not limited to cameras, camera support, monitors, field audio gear, computer transfer equipment, media (solid state cards and magnetic media), lighting and grip equipment. The SEM also schedules regular maintenance and repairs of all AMP production vehicles.


AMP’s inventory of equipment, though robust and growing, will never be adequate to cover all needs of production.  Coordinating rental equipment and expendables from outside vendors for use on AMP productions is also an SEM responsibility.  Duties include shopping deals when time and availability permits and reporting to producers/production coordinators on estimated availability and pricing.

Representing AMP in a positive light while interacting with vendors is expected.


AMP strives to utilize technology to keep things running well, to make everyone’s job easier, and to provide management with insight. The SEM interacts on a constant basis with our project management, scheduling and inventory software. The operation of our system is key to the system serving the whole company.  Ingesting new items into inventory, researching and proposing rates for management approval, scheduling inventory for productions, and correctly assigning the status of gear are all common functions the SEM performs on a regular basis inside the system.


The SEM is responsible for the fitness and condition of the studios and shooting spaces at AMP, readying them for shoots and returning them to top condition at the conclusion of shoots. This includes working with AMP producers/production coordinators on schedules, studio specific needs, and equipment and lighting requirements. This may also include sourcing outside contractors for painting, cleaning, and pre-lighting studios for individual shoots.


Though it is nominally a Monday-Friday, 40-hour job, accommodating the unusual schedules of productions may, at times, require additional or non-standard hours.  Occasionally, equipment may return to AMP at the end of a long shoot and be needed again for an entirely different shoot early the next morning.  Shoots happen or may need to be prepped on weekends and around holidays. This is an example of the sort of flexibility required of the SEM.  It’s your job to make things work, without incurring unreasonable costs to the company, all while keeping a healthy work/life balance for yourself. Frequent, often, and early communication with producers, production coordinators, and operations management will keep schedules and work/life at balance.


It is expected that the SEM will be proactive in communication.  AMP is a community of creative individuals.  The community part of that statement highlights how crucial communication is as a whole.  The AMP environment is structured to foster interactivity between all departments and all individuals.  It’s a key factor in our success.  When we are constantly sharing our knowledge and experience, we grow and become better partners, and AMP becomes a better company.

The SEM should be particularly interested in communicating with the producers and production coordinators, as they are effectively your clients, looking to you not just to provide gear, but also to act consultant, to recommend solutions and suggest ways to make every production better, easier, and more effective.  Crews, similarly, appreciate your proactive engagement, as they are the ones whose jobs are most directly affected by the choices you make.

Also, these constituencies have a great deal of vital info for you, as well.  They are a source of feedback for what is working and what isn’t, what new techniques and trends are developing in production, what new initiatives are being pursued, as well as simply reporting damaged or missing gear.


If there is one skill that stands out above the rest, it’s the SEMs ability to anticipate and solve the myriad of problems that are present in a creative field. AMP is a very entrepreneurial community. We are self-starters who doggedly surmount the puzzles that are inherent in moving from a challenge to a fully-realized, professional, engaging solution.

Technology is also always changing and updating, just as AMP changes and evolves. Reporting on the effectiveness of methods, processes, and structure as well as making suggestions and improvements will be important to help facilitate AMP growth.


All members of the AMP community document and share what we learn in many ways: in person, in formal and informal meetings; on internal wikis; and through blogs and videos that we share online. Our field requires us to break ground–both through our procedural approaches, our creative approaches, and the technology that we use. We all share the responsibility of teaching each other what we’ve learned–and we contribute to our professional community by sharing some of that knowledge, as well.


The SEM is directly responsible to the Director of Operations Manager.  Quarterly meetings help to ensure the SEM is performing their duties effectively. That said, we are also a “coach up” organization, believing that everyone has valuable feedback and insight to give. We want to hear your voice about our processes and ways that we can all improve for our community as a whole.


The SEM is encouraged and expected to be constantly striving for improvement in all aspects of their job.  This includes highlighting issues where they exist, identifying inefficiencies, suggesting new systems and procedures, and genuinely working for the betterment of the department and AMP overall, with a focus on building the business and increasing profitability.


At AMP, we are creative professionals. We conduct ourselves as such. We treat colleagues, crew, and clients with respect and consideration. We are aware that there are a time and a place for casual conduct, as well as a time and a place for more reserved, reflective behavior. We are punctual, responsible, and we do what we say we will do. We communicate with authenticity, mindfulness, and directness, assuming good intent and practicing good intent.


AMP is a creative community, and there are times when we invest in our development of new capabilities, techniques, and portfolio examples. During these times, we may take on projects that aren’t profitable. This is an investment in our future.

For most jobs, however, we strive to bring high quality to our clients as well as profit for AMP. This allows us to sustain and support ourselves so that we can, in turn, be there for our clients with the latest in technology and capabilities. As the SEM, you are directly and indirectly responsible for the various cost of goods. We expect that you will shepherd resources responsibly and help maintain a reasonable profit margin.

Accepting resumes at jobs@amediapro.com only. Please do not call in regards to this position.