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Rooster Teeth Animation Presents:  How to Make Episodic Animation for the Interweb



Rooster Teeth Animation Presents: How to Make Episodic Animation for the Interweb

Join members of the Rooster Teeth 3D animation team to talk about how they make episodic content like RWBY and Red vs. Blue. The internet has given content creators the ability to share their work quickly, but how does a 3D animated show keep up with weekly releases while maintaining quality? We will be talking in detail about Rooster Teeth Animation’s 3D pipeline and philosophies and how the fans help in the process.

Date: April 22, 2017
Time: 10:00 am – Noon
Location: 2800 E. Spring Creek Parkway Plano, TX 75074 Room C104
As always, ABOSG monthly meetings are free and open to the public.


Koen Wooten – Producer
Koen is a 25-year veteran of the film industry with over 40 feature film credits. Throughout his career he has worked as a director, producer, writer and instructor at various studios around the country. He has worked on films such as True Grit, Machete, and Friday the 13th. Koen has experience writing for video games, with writing credits on the recent remake of Doom, StarHawk and Murdered: Soul Suspect. He currently serves as the Producer for RWBY, RWBY Chibi and Red vs. Blue.

Dustin Matthews – Lead 3D Animator
Dustin has been at RoosterTeeth since 2012, having worked mainly on RVB, RWBY, and on occasion has animated for the 2D team. Dustin is a graduate of The Art Institute of Dallas, and previous to Roosterteeth, he animated for such video game franchises as The Sims and Transformers. He has also worked at VFX houses, crafting fine performances for roaches and bowling pins.

Austin Hardwicke – 3D Animator
Austin is a 3D animator at RoosterTeeth. Originally working in games, he moved over to feature animation in 2012. Since working at Rooster Teeth, he’s worked on Red vs Blue and all four seasons of RWBY.

Kim Newman – 3D Animator
Worked on RWBY season 3, RWBY Chibi, RvB14 Mercs, RWBY Season 4. Graduate from Ringling College. Previously worked in the mobile gaming industry.

Joel Mann – Lead 3D Animator
Joel Mann is a Lead 3D animator at RoosterTeeth. Graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design, Joel joined RoosterTeeth in 2014, and has since contributed to RWBY Vol 2 – 4, RvB 13 and 14, and a lil bit o’ XRay and Vav.

Posted 4/19/17